When Green meets IT : Can you monitor your plants 🌻 with Open-source software ?

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If you have plants 🌻 at home 🏠, or at your office 🏢, have you ever wondered if you had watered 💧 them enough (or maybe too much) ? Do they get enough sunlight☀️ when you're not at home ? Have you ever wished to be notified when your plant is thirsty ? Or if the soil is lacking fertilizer ?

Given a bluetooth-enabled multi-sensor device, and a Raspberry Pi 4, let's explore how to read your plant's vitals (temperature, soil humidity, lighting, fertility), and to use them to your liking. And once we have those vitals, what could keep us from historizing this data, adding it to a domotic installation, or even spying on our plants during the holidays from across the country ?